About Us

Image I-Net Systems & Solutions Pvt. an private company offering a complete range of web solutions including web designing, web hosting, e-commerce solutions, multimedia solutions, Internet marketing and many more. With its electrifying presence, I-Net has swirled the scenario of total web solutions. We consistently invigorate our skill-set and tech-expertise and work with a high-level integrity. Our keen-eye on emerging trends of online business as well as technical spheres had empowered us to render the most innovative solutions. Persistent development is the key drive of I-Net, be it in terms of infrastructure, skill-set or technology. Team, I-Net is fully committed to render back hundred percent values for the money paid by client. This commitment has earned us a global clientele comprising of leading brands.

Image I-Net Systems and Solutions will be committed to providing Internet solutions to business and individuals through each stage of the development of the Internet. As each new technology emerges so will the opportunities for I-Net Systems and Solutions. The list of products and services that may be provided to individuals and businesses in the future by I-Net Systems and Solutions will not be limited to the imagination.

Image Some of the products that are currently available under development include:

• Unlimited usage of the Internet telephony systems and services
• Worldwide video teleconferencing
• Local and National Internet advertising packages
• Worldwide broadcasting of audio, television and multimedia programming
• Virtual Reality Shopping
• 3-Dimensuional Virtual Imaging
• Live Customer Service Video Interfacing.

Image Regardless of what product or service is the leading edge in the future, we have built our business into a position to capitalize on it. I-Net Systems and Solutions is not just Internet Business Solutions provider but helps corporate grow worth technological advancements.

Advantage of I-Net

  • Offer various modes to emerge and get promoted in E-Business World.
  • Provide you an appealing web presence.
  • Entertain your client 24X7.
  • Enable you to snatch full potential from E-Business World.
  • Bless you with ever-flourishing online business promotion.
  • Give you opportunities to expose your business to online crowd.
  • Offer Global Visibility in less than the fare of air ticket to one country.
  • Assist you to increase on ROI.
  • Tune-in your business with Hi-Technology and make you stand far ahead from your competitors.
  • Gear-up your business activities and turn them faster and smoother.

Mission statement


We will always remember that we are a service-oriented company. Each and every customer is valued as a part of who we are today, and who we’ll be tomorrow. We will work to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty. And more than simply responding to customer needs and want, we will work to anticipate them with unquestionable honesty, fairness and respect.


We believe that research, development, quality and performance are key to our future growth. We have earned, and will continually strive to retain our leadership and innovate by setting standards in this industry. Our dedication to technology is motivated by the desire to provide services and products, which contribute to the growth of our customers.


We will work for the success of our customers, our company, and each other. We understand and respect the value, the contributions, and the achievements of each colleague. We will support personal growth through training, advancements, and new opportunities. We will never be content with who we are, or what we have accomplished.